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Our Solutions
In order to make our clients more competitive at the marketplace, we deploy our expertise in Networking, Contact Center Technologies, Converged Communications, Security, Microsoft, Storage and Backup Solutions with complementary capabilities in Consulting, Integration, Support and Managed Services to help our clients optimize their IT infrastructure, consolidate their vendor
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To deliver at the best turnaround time the most cost effective ICT equipments/service to our esteemed clients in order to delight and help them achieve their own objectives.
To constantly improve and maintain our position as one of the leading ICT equipment/services suppliers
Technology Consulting

While many organisations today recognise the ability of converging technologies to drive business change and improve efficiencies, many lack the knowledge of where and how to go about rationalising and consolidating their existing infrastructure, while introducing new technologies into the enterprise.

In this era, knowledge is power ... it is the foundation that provides you with the insights and tools you need to make informed strategic decisions concerning your IT environment. From MegaData Global’s perspective, the ideal place to start to garner the insights you need is our suite of Technology Consulting Services.

Our suite of Assessment services extends across a wide range of technology domains including Networking, Security Solutions, Data Centres, Contact Centres, Unified Communications and Microsoft Solutions.

When we engage with you as Technology Consultants, we’ll be working with you to establish ‘where you are at’ from a technology perspective and thoroughly validate your requirements. These engagements follow our proprietary Consulting Services Methodology and are generally neither time-intensive nor intrusive. We apply our MegaData Global benchmarks and blueprints to assess and measure the current state of your IT infrastructure and evaluate the relevance and potential impact or advantages of incorporating new technologies. By applying our extensive range of discovery tools, we are able to effect automatic, on-site discovery of the status of the various aspects of your environment. If you desire, we can subsequently work with you to implement and support the recommended improvements. Contact us to find out more about how our Technology Consulting services can put your business on the fast track to success.

Our Services
Mobile Computing
Ipads 1 & 2, Playbook, Notebooks, Handhelds, Data Storage, Mobile Devices.
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Enterprise Systems
Servers, Workstations, Networking, Data Storage.
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Printing Equipments
Home Printers, Office Printers and Industrial Printers.
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