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Our Solutions
In order to make our clients more competitive at the marketplace, we deploy our expertise in Networking, Contact Center Technologies, Converged Communications, Security, Microsoft, Storage and Backup Solutions with complementary capabilities in Consulting, Integration, Support and Managed Services to help our clients optimize their IT infrastructure, consolidate their vendor
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To deliver at the best turnaround time the most cost effective ICT equipments/service to our esteemed clients in order to delight and help them achieve their own objectives.
To constantly improve and maintain our position as one of the leading ICT equipment/services suppliers
Professional Services, Our Perspective

Successful Projects Don’t Just Happen…

In recent years, more and more IT decision-makers are recognising the impact that project management has on their companies’ bottom lines. Increasingly, however, companies have been forced to manage critical projects with limited staff, smaller budgets and fewer resources. Too often, the unfortunate result is projects that are late or over budget and in fact, statistics demonstrate that most projects fail to meet expectations.

So what causes IT projects to founder? The answer is that IT projects fail because they're simply harder. They include the usual project-management challenges, such as deadlines, budget constraints and too few people to devote to the project. But they also face unique technology challenges, from hardware, operating system, network or database woes, to security risks, interoperability issues, and the changes manufacturers make to their hardware and software configurations.

With the fragile economy, now more than ever, you can’t afford project delays and budget overruns. At MegaData Global, we believe that successful IT projects don’t just happen…rather; they must be meticulously planned and diligently controlled.

Our Services
Mobile Computing
Ipads 1 & 2, Playbook, Notebooks, Handhelds, Data Storage, Mobile Devices.
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Enterprise Systems
Servers, Workstations, Networking, Data Storage.
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Printing Equipments
Home Printers, Office Printers and Industrial Printers.
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