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Our Solutions
In order to make our clients more competitive at the marketplace, we deploy our expertise in Networking, Contact Center Technologies, Converged Communications, Security, Microsoft, Storage and Backup Solutions with complementary capabilities in Consulting, Integration, Support and Managed Services to help our clients optimize their IT infrastructure, consolidate their vendor
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To deliver at the best turnaround time the most cost effective ICT equipments/service to our esteemed clients in order to delight and help them achieve their own objectives.
To constantly improve and maintain our position as one of the leading ICT equipment/services suppliers
IT Supply Chain Services, Our Differentiation

What makes us different?

MegaData is the right partner since IT Supply Chain Services is the SMART Choice:

Single point of contact: Our Supply Chain Services team provides clients with a single point of contact, as well as order management and coordination through every step of the supply chain.

Supply Chain Service’s single point of contact benefits you since overall there is better management and coordination of the order and fulfillment process, faster response time, and a more streamlined process. All which ultimately result in projects being delivered on-time and within budget.

Monitoring and tracking: We provide serial number tracking throughout the supply chain process, as well as status updates from both the vendor and carriers.

Advice, expertise and experience: Our team of experts and partners not only manages the order process, but offers advice on client requirements, tax laws, vendor fulfillment, and freight/VAT/duties costs, as well as the ability to manage complex situations such as reverse logistics.

Our expertise in the nuances of orders and delivery of IT equipment sets us apart from other third party logistics providers, reducing the risk of delays, penalties due to incomplete or inaccurate customs clearance declarations , and so on.

Relationships with IT vendors and carriers: Our partners play a critical role in our ability to deliver. We have strong relationship with IT vendors and carrier partners. These are governed by strict service level agreements, and we leverage our partner relationships to ensure you receive the right technology, to the right place, at the right time and for the right price.

Technology expertise: Through every step of the procurement, shipping and delivery process our Supply Chain Services team monitors the order to ensure Service Level Agreements are met and proactively respond to any potential complications. Additionally, status and tracking information, including product serial numbers, are updated in real-time to the Track system so that you and your clients can always access the latest information.

Our Services
Mobile Computing
Ipads 1 & 2, Playbook, Notebooks, Handhelds, Data Storage, Mobile Devices.
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Enterprise Systems
Servers, Workstations, Networking, Data Storage.
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Printing Equipments
Home Printers, Office Printers and Industrial Printers.
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