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Our Solutions
In order to make our clients more competitive at the marketplace, we deploy our expertise in Networking, Contact Center Technologies, Converged Communications, Security, Microsoft, Storage and Backup Solutions with complementary capabilities in Consulting, Integration, Support and Managed Services to help our clients optimize their IT infrastructure, consolidate their vendor
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To deliver at the best turnaround time the most cost effective ICT equipments/service to our esteemed clients in order to delight and help them achieve their own objectives.
To constantly improve and maintain our position as one of the leading ICT equipment/services suppliers
Global Shipping and Delivery

Global Shipping and Delivery

Right place, right time, right price

Shipping and delivery of IT equipment to multiple geographies is fraught with potential risk including delays, customs holds and lost or damaged goods. That is why it’s important to partner with a supplier that has expertise in the import/export of IT equipment into both established and emerging markets -- so you can mitigate these risks.

MegaData global’s shipping and delivery approach is a combination of global procurement and logistics specialists, a client support team, an online track and trace system and partnerships with best-of-breed global carriers. With this multi-faceted approach, and deliverys worldwide, we can ensure that your IT equipment is delivered to the right place, at the right time and for the right price.

Best of breed carrier partners

MegaData partners Red Star Express a FedEx GSP, who provide superior service and assists with enhancing our global Supply Chain Services offering to clients.

Red Star Express through its partnership with FedEx is an international supply chain services and solutions company. Their services include air and road freight forwarding, customs brokerage, contract logistics, local distribution and supply chain. Red Star enables end-to-end supply chain competitive advantage for its clients through an experienced employee with in-depth understanding of local markets, established world class network of freight forwarding and contract logistics centers in all parts of Nigeria, and global network partnership in all commercial centers worldwide.

What’s it really going to cost me to get this to my door?

The final cost of procurement is made up of so many costs,-Cost of product, shipping costs, insurance, VATs and duties, etc.  You really don’t want to be surprised by an invoice with hidden fees, and unknown taxes. With us you only look at a single invoice of: “what’s it really going to cost me to get this to my door?”

Having full visibility and knowledge of your total procurement and logistics costs is not just a “nice to have” but a means to help you make better-informed decisions, plan for and manage your spend, and remain agile in your market.

With MegaData’s global supply chain management services you can accurately predict the full sourcing costs for your IT equipment. By leveraging our global eProcurement system, you can receive price quotes based on your contracted product and service rates, and insurance and freight fees. Additionally, we have an extensive database of foreign VATs and duties, which enables us to provide detailed estimation of all foreign taxes and fees. Add to that real-time product availability and accurate lead-time information, and you can make decisions up-front as to whether you need expedited shipping, and the associated costs of doing so. All of this information is provided to you at the point of sale.

Want to know more? Let us show you how we do all of this by setting up a demo, and start taking the guess work out of your IT sourcing.

Our Services
Mobile Computing
Ipads 1 & 2, Playbook, Notebooks, Handhelds, Data Storage, Mobile Devices.
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Enterprise Systems
Servers, Workstations, Networking, Data Storage.
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Printing Equipments
Home Printers, Office Printers and Industrial Printers.
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